Every project has a beautiful feature shocase page. It's easy to include images, in a flexible 3-column grid format. Make your photos 1/3, 2/3, or full width. To give your project a background in the portfolio page, just add the img tag to the front matter like so: --- layout: page title: Project description: a project with a background image img: /assets/img/12.jpg ---
Caption photos easily. On the left, a road goes through a tunnel. Middle, leaves artistically fall in a hipster photoshoot. Right, in another hipster photoshoot, a lumberjack grasps a handful of pine needles.
This image can also have a caption. It's like magic.
You can also put regular text between your rows of images. Say you wanted to write a little bit about your project before you posted the rest of the images. You describe how you toiled, sweated, *bled* for your project, and then.... you reveal it's glory in the next row of images.
You can also have artistically styled 2/3 + 1/3 images, like these.

The code is simple. Just add a col class to your image, and another class specifying the width: one, two, or three columns wide. Here's the code for the last row of images above: